Adirondack Fiddler

Roland at Adirondack Fiddler’s Jamboree



To listen to Roland and son Jeff Swinton play Naomi’s Jig click here. Jeff introduces the tune.


3 thoughts on “Roland at Adirondack Fiddler’s Jamboree

  1. As a child & adult I had the honor of a front row seat. Wether he was practicing before an event, or just playing to entertain us kids. Truely a Wonder of musical talent with any instrument from fiddle to spoons. However his greatest talent was being a Dad. Always in my heart as the Number One!! Greatly missed!
    Trudy Masse Willette

  2. wow! this brought back so many memories. Roland was my Grammie’s dear friend. I spent many happy childhood hours listening to Roly and the gang play , at church, at bbq’s and just sitting around the house. He was an amazing loving man .

  3. I never could figure out how a Man with such big Hands could fly those Fingers across such a small Fingerboard on a Fiddle. Even when he would borrow my Mandolin at a Jam somewhere and just pick a song on it would amaze me!
    Roland and my Dad were such great Friends and it was such a pleasure to hear them play Jigs and Reels and just good ole Fiddle songs with Rollie on the Fiddle and Dad on Guitar.

    Rollies Musical heritage still lives on through his Children Les,Dean, Jeff and Shelly. and there may be a couple others in the Family who play and all of them, like their Father are truly great Musicians.
    I’ve known the whole Swinton Family since I was old enough to walk and they are great Folks and good Friends to me.

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